Upcoming Features and Cubbi's Suggestion Box

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Want to know what Cubbi is up to and the features we are working on? Now you can follow us on our journey to make renting a much better experience. We also invite everyone to submit their own ideas of what features they would like to see in and around the Cubbi experience.

Latest feature development progress:

Updated on: 17/04/2019

Improved payments due page

We're making it easier to make payments and see what's owing.



Direct Debit Preferences

Tenant will be able to update their Direct Debit schedule directly through the dashboard



Stop Auto Retry

Tenants and owners can soon stop the auto retry of payments (under certain circumstances)



Improved On-boarding

Owners will be able to accept BPAY and NPP payments when on-boarding new tenants.



Owner Payouts

Adding more flexibility to multi-property portfolio's, owners will be able to have a different payout bank account per property.



Late rent

Better transparency for late rent payments. Keeping everyone on the same page and consequences for non-payment.