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Upcoming Features and Cubbi's Suggestion Box

Join the Cubbi Journey

Want to know what Cubbi is up to and the features we are working on? Now you can follow us on our journey to make renting a much better experience. We also invite everyone to submit their own ideas of what features they would like to see in and around the Cubbi experience.

Latest feature development progress:

Updated on: 12/06/2019


Instant Payments for new tenants

ETA: June
Currently only existing tenancies have access to Instant Payments. All new Payment Options will be available for new tenants soon.



Zero Late Rent Policy

ETA: June/July
All new procedures to ensure tenants are never late in rent. Includes update to sms notifications, new rent page, on time payment ratings, formal action recommendations (based on your state legislation) and easy notice creation. This a big one.



Multiple payout accounts

ETA: July/August
Different bank account per property instead of just one for all properties. As an owner if you have 10 properties you can have 10 different bank accounts.