January 28, 2020

New Features in Cubbi: Reply to enquiries directly from your email, Set a vacate date, SMS late notifications and more

Over the past two months since changing our name to Cubbi we’ve been busy adding new features. Here they are:

  • Set a vacate date for your tenant
  • Reply to enquiries directly from your email
  • SMS late notifications if your tenant falls behind in rent
  • Quicker and easier to make changes to your ad
  • 9 day email course on managing property

You can start using these right now. As in today!

My fingers are busting to tell you what you can do. So I’m going to go quick so tell me to slow down if you need. No questions until the end please.

Set a vacate date for your tenant

Vacate Tenant - New Feature on Cubbi

You can enter the date that your tenant is leaving and get the exact balance that your tenant owes up until they move out.

We’ve also included the full legal calculation so if your tenant asks how you’ve came up with the balance owing you can just give them a link to a HelpDoc that will show them the calculation.

If you have Rent Reminders turned on these will still get sent out until your tenant has paid the full amount of what they owe.

Even though this feature stops the rent from accruing you can it still gives you full access to all the reports for tax time and everything else as per normal incase you ever need to come back.

Reply to enquiries directly from your email

Reply to enquiries directly from your email - New Feature on Cubbi

This is an old feature we brought back by popular demand.

When a tenant enquiries about your property Cubbi automatically sends that enquiry to you via email. That email now has the full enquiry within it again (tenant name, email and comments).
To respond, just click reply (like you would in any other email) and you’ll be respond directly back to the tenant. This is the quickest and easiest way to respond.

We still have all your enquiries saved in Cubbi so you can click the link in the email to view and respond anonymously to the tenant if you you don’t want them to see your personal email address. This is another good way to keep track of all your enquiries.

SMS late notifications if your tenant falls behind in rent

SMS Late reminders sent to your tenants - New Feature on Cubbi

We have been sending out rent reminder emails for a long time now but we have listened to you and we are proud to say we now send late notifications via text message now to!

Text messages have a bigger impact than emails because tenants will get the message immediately regardless of what type of phone or internet access they have so they won't be able to escape if they miss a payment.

SMS late rent reminders will get your tenants to pay the rent without you even having to lift a finger.

Rent Reminders are available on any paid subscription. If you were tracking rent before we changed to Cubbi you get access to this free.

When are Rent Reminders sent?
How do set up Rent Reminders?

Quicker and easier to make changes to your ad

Changes to your ad are live in 30 minutes - New Feature on Cubbi

We have made two changes here (these only affect rental properties for the moment).

Any changes you make now only take 30 minutes to update to and domain 24/7. So if you quickly need to add or remove an open for inspection time you can quickly jump onto Cubbi, make the change and bingo it’s on and domain.

We’ve also made it easier to republish your changes. Instead of clicking a button ‘Republish Changes’ Cubbi will now automatically push your changes to all the sites when you save and exit.

Free 9 day email course on managing property

Email course on managing property - Cubbi

We are now seeing a big shift in the real estate industry that has stood still for years. Owners have finally had enough of unreliable real estate agents charging too much and now voting with their fingers and clicking on for a new online alternative – Cubbi.

Many of you who we’ve been talking to don’t have a lot of experience in managing property so guiding you through the process is a huge focus of ours.

In addition to our HelpDocs, Blogs and our activity feed I would like to introduce our new 9 day email course to help you manage property.

It’s free. Take a look.

What the future holds

Slowly but surely we are moving onto mobile, increasing the speed of the site and adding more features to help move tenants into your property (like signing leases online) and more features to help manage your property.

Every day we are working hard to make Cubbi better and better. We are always listening to you and learning from every conversation. So always feel welcome to tell us what you think.

I didn't mention this earlier but we also have a new page that explains everything you need to know about advertising a property for rent. Take a look but be careful it’s still very hot. You may like to share the page with friends who are looking to find tenants.