January 28, 2020

How to remove top 4 carpet stains – Red wine, coffee, urine and solids

Two of the best things in life coffee and wine, in a millisecond, can turn into two of the worst things in life. Especially if they are poured onto the brand new plush carpet that was just installed on your move in. When a glass of red wine is knocked off a table everything goes into slow motion until that wine hits the ground and everyone is up staring down at the pool of wine quickly seeping into the carpet but what do you do now? Move quickly! No matter the stain, coffee, tea, wine, animal urine (or solids), ink, food anything the number 1 universal tip is to get onto the spill as soon as possible so it barely has a chance become a stain.

Note: Some materials will have special cleaning instructions such as wool, leather, porous materials and delicate materials please follow the instruction that comes with these materials.

Let's start off with how to remove a simple stain and we can address the stressful red wine stain at the end:


Number 1 tip: Remove the solid matter by lifting up. Do not press it into the material that it is on

Solid things that fall on the carpet are fairly easy to deal with. If you pick them up as soon as possible there will only be faint marks. Simply absorb any liquid with a paper towel or a dry towel, then blot the area with a damp cloth and leave to dry. If you find the stain is oily simply use a mixture of water and detergent on the damp towel to blot the stain, then follow this with just water on the damp cloth.

Let's use the example of play-dough. Play-dough, the best tool to keep kids occupied for longer than five minutes but the devil when it’s on the floor, stood on and squashed right into the carpet. The best way to tackle this is to get under the play-dough by using a comb or a toothbrush to pull the play-dough up and out. Once you have pulled out every last bit you will be able to see if the brightly coloured play-dough has left a stain. If it hasn’t, fantastic that's all you need to do but if it has you will need to use a mixture of water and detergent on the damp towel to blot the stain continuously until the colour has been removed. Then follow that up with just water on the damp cloth.


Number 1 tip: If there is one spot there is likely to be more surrounding it, make sure you don’t miss any.

Soak up the liquid thoroughly with a towel or a paper towel then use white vinegar and a towel to continue blotting the area. Make sure this towel is damp, not wet. The vinegar will remove the odour. Continue blotting the area, with force, until there is no stain and no smell. Once you have done this sprinkle the area with Bi-Carb soda and leave to dry for a day then vacuum up the Bi-Carb soda and the spot will have been sanitised.


Number 1 tip: Do not spread the stain while you are cleaning it

Absorb the liquid with a dry towel or a paper towel careful not to spread the stain. Take your regular bar of bathroom soap (light coloured soap) and rub it over the stain. Use a damp towel to blot this stain over and over. Start from the outside working your way in so the stain is not spread. Continue rubbing the stain with the bar of soap and blotting the area until there is no stain left. This will take more time the longer the coffee was left to set into the carpet.

Red wine

Number 1 tip: Act quick

Removing a red wine stain isn't as hard as you think. Put a paper towel or a dry towel over the wine and stand on it to absorb as much of the wine as possible. Sprinkle on some Bi-carb soda and lightly tap it into the stain until it starts absorbing some of the wine once you have done this soak a towel in vinegar and wring it out tightly so it’s only damp then blot at the bi-Card covered stain starting from the outside working your way in until the stain is gone. If necessary repeat this process.