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How to advertise on realestate.com.au and Domain with Cubbi

Getting your property advertised on realestate.com.au and Domain is step one for landlords in Australia.

But it can be a confusing process. There are so many different types of listings, and so many options…not to mention there are plenty of property managers or companies claiming they can provide you with a good deal or a better price.

Unfortunately, those deals aren’t always the greatest value. Even though your property might be advertised on realestate.com.au and Domain, your costs might be too high for a listing that doesn’t get as many views as it needs.

After all, you want to reduce your vacancy rate as much as possible. But if you buy the wrong type of ad, it can cost you thousands in vacancies!

So I want to give you a brief explainer about the different types of ads on realestate.com.au so you can fully understand what each of them do. Then, I’ll explain why I think Cubbi provides you with the absolute best value for advertising your rental property on realestate.com.au.

(And by the way, if you’re already using Cubbi then you should keep reading too!)

The different types of listings on realestate.com.au

Not all property listings on realestate.com.au are equal. In fact, there are four different types of listings:

Standard listing

This is the basic listing you can buy. It costs you the least amount of money, but it often means your rental property will end up several pages deep in the search results for your suburb.

Feature Property

These are a little more expensive, but they’re seen before all the standard ads in realestate.com.au searches. You get a photo carousel with them as well in the search results.

Highlight Property

These listings are again a little more expensive, but they also put your property in front of where tenants search first, even before the “featured” and “standard” listings. You get big photos, four times the size of a standard ad, too.

Premiere Property

The most expensive type of listing, Premiere listings put you at the top of all search results, and you get the largest ad on the page as well. Your listing will also rotate to the top of search results every 15 days.

Check out the link at the end to see what they look like.

Why do the different ad types on realestate.com.au matter?

Consider this: more than half of the users on realestate.com.au don’t look beyond the first page of results. So getting your property in front of more eyes, faster, is crucial.

The problem is standard listings don’t put you in front of many people, and that’s especially true in a competitive suburb...and let’s face it, every suburb in a metro area is competitive now. Take something like, the Melbourne CBD a very competitive suburb. If you have a standard listing, your property might be as far back in the search results as page 16!

Screenshot: Default search results for rental properties in the Melbourne CBD, showing a brand new listing - all the way back on page 16!

Barely anyone is going to see that listing unless they really drill down into the filtered search options, but with less than half of all users doing that your listing doesn’t stand much of a chance.

Even if people search with the map function on their phone, they won’t necessarily see your property – only the first 30 listings in the results. Loading more than 30 properties at a time will slow down the app. If you have a standard listing, you’re losing out to everyone else who’s paid a little bit more for a ‘Highlight’ or ‘Premiere’ listing.

screenshot map
This is a screenshot of the default map search results for rental properties in Melbourne CBD on realestate.com.au’s iphone app.

That ultimately means it will take longer to get your property rented, and you pay more for vacancy costs.

Jump on realestate.com.au and look at your suburb. You’ll see just how far back the standard listings really are.

Why is Cubbi different?

Now, most property agencies or managers will offer standard listings on realestate.com.au as a basic service, and then you need to pay more if you want to upgrade.

That’s where Cubbi is different. Recently we decided to upgrade our offer.

Now, whenever you advertise your rental property on realestate.com.au with Cubbi, your listing is automatically made a “highlight” listing for the first 30 days. That means by default, your listing through Cubbi is the second best you can get on realestate.com.au.

Just a few months ago, you would have paid over $400 for a highlighted listing. We changed our prices so now…

You will only pay $199 to advertise your rental property on realestate.com.au with a highlighted listing which also includes a listing on Domain. You’re already saving hundreds of dollars!

Why did we make this decision? We noticed other agencies and managers were charging for standard listings – and we were too. So many landlords asked us about upgrading their properties to featured or highlighted listings, but it was too expensive for them.

So we just decided to go ahead and make highlighted listings the default. It means you get better value. Your ad will be put in front of more people faster, and you’ll be able to reduce your vacancy costs! (Plus, if you want you can use our online management platform which automatically generates a lease agreement, collects rent and simply just makes managing your own property a breeze.)

Want to start advertising your property? Create your listing now live in 30 minutes.