January 28, 2020

Changing the renting experience, one owner and a tenant at a time.

The anxiety and stress that renting brings can be crippling. Whether you are an owner or a tenant there are deeply ingrained fears that are paired with renting, even if you have a positive experience, there are still worries.

How amazing would it be to rent out your property and have complete trust in your tenants? And as a tenant, how relaxing would it be to know that the owner cares about you and will address the issues you have fairly.

You hear tenant horror stories like being left without locks for months at a time and wonder how that's even possible. Imagine sitting in your home, what you'd consider your ‘safe haven’, without locks on the doors for 3 months? Not only is that putting the tenants safety at risk but it also results in unnecessary anxiety. Too scared to sleep and too terrified to leave everything they own in a place that is meant to be their home. It sounds like a far fetched scenario, but we hear these all too often.

From an average Joe’s perspective, this seems ridiculous and inhumane. If locks needed to be installed in your property that would be number one on your to-do list.

Here is a story from Kate, an owner that came in touch with Cubbi after not being able to rent out their property with a previous agency.

‘I had my property advertised with an agent for 5 weeks, and they hadn't found a tenant.’

At a glance, 5 weeks might not seem like much but for some owners, their rental property makes up a large part of their income so that could be 5 weeks of not being able to pay their mortgage for their own home. This is the perfect example of how the current systems don’t take people into consideration.

For owners, one of the biggest things Cubbi does is remove you from the dark that your agent has kept you in. It allows you to take control and be involved so you know what is going on.

The benefit of letting owners to have full transparency of the progress of their property is being able to raise when you see interfering issues before they get out of hand. 

For example, there was a family extremely interested in Kates property because it had great accessibility which they needed for their son, who had a disability. They had been searching everywhere desperately for a home where he would feel comfortable and accommodated, so when they called the agent and were met with a voicemail multiple times, they were upset and even more stressed that they had to search for another home because the property had now been rented to someone else.

When Kate switched to Cubbi to rent out her property again the first people to call her were this family. They were overjoyed not only that someone answered their call but that the owner was the one they were talking to. This meant they could explain their situation and why this house was the perfect house for them so, in the end, Kate got the reliable tenants she wanted and the tenants got the house they needed.

The current renting process doesn’t take owners or tenants into consideration. All the processes and systems agents use are created to ensure they stay above water. These systems have not been created to make the whole renting experience better for everyone.

Cubbi is here to create a space where owners and tenants can stand together to pressure the industry to change. People are ultimately the biggest factor and contributor to how fast that change can be driven. The more confident owners, the more positive experience tenants have, the more weight there is to push a movement of change to make the renting space transparent, fair and secure for everyone.